When it comes time to part with an old piece of technology, the goodbye can become a bit complicated. Computers, cell phones, TVs, and other electronics can’t simply be tossed into the trash can. Figuring out how exactly to dispose of an old electronic may seem like a complicated puzzle. A cheat sheet of e-waste disposal guidelines helps you solve it quickly and easily. 

E-Waste Guidelines for Computer and Cell Phones

To start, guidelines for proper e-waste disposal can depend on what state you reside in. For example, California law requires proper disposal for many kinds of e-waste, but also provides their residents with drop-off locations around the state. Most states don’t have disposal requirements as stringent as California, but their e-waste guidelines come close to best practices for most devices. 

For smaller devices, like modern computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones, proper recycling comes easy and fairly cheap. The most common and available option comes in the form of drop-off sites, where you simply take your devices to a location with a secure drop-off box. An e-recycler picks it up once it fills and takes it to an e-recycling facility. 

Prices for this type of service tend to range between $5-$10 an item. In most cities, you can find a location that’s less than a 20-minute drive from you. 

However, with this option, it’s recommended to first back up and then destroy any data on the device. While the likelihood for data theft is low at a reputable e-waste recycler, it’s much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your data. 

E-Waste Guidelines for TVs 

Larger devices like TVs require a bit more effort, largely because proper disposal of these electronics requires a bit more effort, and a bit more money. 

common items that fall under e-waste disposal guidelines

The most common option tends to be drop-off. Some big-box retailers like Best Buy even offer a credit towards a new TV as an incentive for e-waste recycling. However, if you’re not in need of a new TV, most drop-off e-recycling sites will take a plasma TV for around $30, a CRT TV for $50, and a projector TV for a bit more. 

The prices for TV recycling tend to go up as the size of the TV increases. 

Another option, albeit a more expensive one, is an e-waste pickup service. In this case, an E-Waste Recycler or ‘junk’ disposal service will come to your house, pick up your old tv and/or electronics, and take them to an e-recycling facility. However, this option tends to be significantly more expensive, as it involves both the costs of extra labor and bringing a truck out to your location. 

Why It’s Important to Recycle E-Waste Properly 

E-waste continues to grow, and is quickly becoming one of the largest toxic waste streams on the planet. In 2021, that number stood at 57 million tons, and it’s only grown since. E-waste poisons the water and soil when it degrades in a landfill. It can even contribute to air pollution in the surrounding area, with cancer, asthma, and a range of serious health effects all linked to improper e-waste disposal. 

Reducing the pollution e-waste causes by following proper disposal guidelines helps reduce electronics pollution, but also helps preserve resources in the ground that are difficult to extract and becoming more difficult to find. 

Find Your E-Recycling Solution with Electronic Recycling Finders 

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