Laptop batteries have improved in leaps and bounds in the past couple decades. They last longer, charge faster, and hold on to their charge a lot longer. However, they’re not perfect, and eventually, every laptop battery will wear out, and you will need to recycle it. 

Where to Recycle a Laptop Battery

No matter where you are, you should not put an old laptop battery in your regular recycling bin. Most city and county recyclers won’t have the technology to recycle an old laptop battery. In addition, leaving it exposed in a recycling bin could lead it to catching fire, and due to the flammable nature of lithium-ion batteries, it is incredibly dangerous.

However, there is good news. Many electronic stores will take back a laptop battery for free, and oftentimes the manufacturer will as well. In addition, Call2Recycle operates a nationwide network of drop-off sites where you can recycle an old laptop battery for free.  

In the case where the laptop battery doesn’t detach, you’ll likely have to send the whole laptop in, either to the manufacturer, or drop it off at a certified electronic recycler. Full laptops require a bit more technology and effort to recycle, but it’s still simple to do so. The fee for a laptop is often small as well, usually around $5-10. 

However, if you suspect the laptop would still work with a new battery, it could be worth it to take it to an electronics repair shop, as they might be able to replace the battery, saving you money and reducing e-waste. 

Why it’s Important to Recycle a Laptop Battery 

recycle a laptop battery

The importance of recycling a laptop battery, particularly lithium-ion batteries, is two-fold. 

The first is the reduction of e-waste. Lithium is an important mineral, and one that takes significant effort to mine. By recycling, you’re ensuring that the lithium can be reused, protecting the environment and helping support the development of sustainable technologies. 

The second, as mentioned before, is that you’re keeping yourself and your community safe. Lithium-ion batteries are incredibly flammable, and responsible for a growing number of fires across the United States. These fires are dangerous as well, as the batteries burn hot and fast. Proper handling and recycling can help prevent this from happening. 

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