Rare Earth Recycling: The Present and Future

Rare earth minerals are some of the most widely used materials in technologies today. They are crucial for nearly every piece of technology, from computers, to cell phones, to cars. Their importance only continues to grow as well, with demand rising as technology expands into every facet of modern life. Sourcing these crucial minerals, however, provides challenges. Rare earth recycling will play a crucial role in the years to come to solve this problem.  Why Rare Earth Recycling Is Important  There are 17 elements that make up rare earth metals. While we’ve known about many of them for decades and centuries now, they only became important to the global economy with the rise of technology. Their importance comes from their […]

What Rare Earth Minerals Are in Microchips?

Rare earth minerals, also known as rare earth elements (REEs), are a group of 17 elements that form under the Earth’s surface. Their unique chemical and physical makeup allows them to provide magnetic, heat-resistant, and phosphorescent properties that other elements cannot. Because of this, rare earth minerals are essential in the development of the microchips that make up technology and defense systems. Microchips and Technology Applications of Rare Earth Minerals The majority of REEs are used as catalysts or by the glass industry to create screens and camera lenses, but they have many other uses. Magnets, for example, are a growing use of REEs with a number of applications like wind turbines and spindle motors for hard drives. Gallium is […]