Laptop Disposal

The time has come to replace your old laptop. The battery life no longer lasts, the newest operating systems aren’t compatible, and you need more storage space. We understand the desire to upgrade your devices and offer laptop disposal to safely discard older models. 

Laptop disposal services protect the environment by carefully disposing of hazardous materials and preventing laptops from polluting landfills. Our services protect your personal data from exposure and exploitation with hard drive destruction. 

Eliminate the risk of environmental damage and exposure of your personal information with laptop disposal services. 

How Does Laptop Disposal Work?

Laptop disposal is easy and secure. We provide pickup and drop-off options to safely deliver your devices to our disposal facilities. 

Your laptops will be disassembled to remove dangerous components and reusable materials. The sorting process allows parts to be repurposed and disposed of in compliance with the EPA and local waste regulations. Your hard drives will be destroyed to ensure your data can not be recovered. 

A certificate of destruction will be created when your project is complete. It will include important details regarding the disposal process and serve as proof of compliant services rendered.  

The Laptop Disposal Process

Proper disposal of laptops protects you from identity theft and data breaches. We handle your devices with care and in compliance of privacy regulations. We ensure that your data will remain confidential and that your laptop will be disposed of safely. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Request free price quotes on laptop disposal services. For accurate price quotes, include the number of laptops and your location. 
  2. Select the best price option and schedule secure pick up.
  3. Your laptops will be safely transported to a facility for proper disposal. They will be broken down and your hard drives will be destroyed. Hazardous materials will be safely disposed of and recyclables will be prepared for reuse.
  4. You will receive a certificate of destruction for your records. 

Environmentally-Friendly Disposal

Chemicals and toxins from laptops negatively impact the soil, water, and the air. When laptops end up in landfills, pollution leaches into the ground affecting plants and trees. Hydrocarbons are released into the atmosphere contributing to the greenhouse effect and reducing air quality for animals and humans. 

Proper disposal keeps laptops out of landfills to protect the environment. Our responsible providers will handle your devices with care and use disposal methods approved by the EPA. We are committed to providing services that protect the planet and combat the growing issue of e-waste. 

Get Free Quotes on Laptop Disposal

We are here to help businesses and individuals find secure and affordable electronics disposal options. Our trusted service providers can safely dispose of old laptops and their components right in your neighborhood. Contact us today at (844) 648-4908 or fill out the form on the right to receive free quotes in minutes.