Computer Recycling

Today’s technology is continuously advancing, giving computers and other electronics a shorter shelf life. When it comes time for you to upgrade to a newer model, consider computer recycling for your old device. 

Computer recycling is an effective and eco-friendly way to dispose of old computers. Recycling allows the component parts and materials to be reprocessed. Monitors, screens, and central processors can be reused to conserve resources and reduce e-waste in landfills. 

Recycling is a responsible way to get rid of that dusty pile of old computers you no longer need. Protect the environment and your community with electronics recycling today. 

How Does Computer Recycling Work?

Computers are made up of many different types of materials. Recycling separates the materials from each other so they can be repurposed and used to make new products. We will dismantle your computer, sort the materials, and recycle or reuse as much as we can. 

We offer full-service recycling for desktops, laptops, and more. We have efficient recycling solutions for personal computers and bulk services for businesses. Contact us by calling (844) 648-4908 to arrange pickup or drop-off services and recycle old computers today. 

The Process

Computer recycling ensures your computer will not contribute to the growing problem of e-waste.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Schedule a time for pick up or drop off your computers at your local computer recycling center. 
  2. Your computers will be tested for reuse and refurbished if possible. If not, they will be disassembled. All hazardous materials will be removed and disposed of in compliance with the EPA. 
  3. Your computer equipment will be fed into a shredder and torn into pieces to begin the process of separating the plastic from the metals, glass, and other commodities.
  4. Magnets, eddy currents, and infrared cameras will separate the iron, steel, aluminum, and copper. 
  5. Each commodity will be collected and shipped to a secondary processor or a manufacturer. 

The use of these recycled materials saves money and valuable resources while reducing energy and water consumption in the manufacturing of new products.  

The Benefits

Computers thrown away in landfills contaminate the groundwater, cause pollution, and emit greenhouse gases. The benefits of recycling are safe disposal of toxic materials, conservation of natural resources, and protecting the environment. 

Computer recycling can also benefit your community by offering affordable, refurbished computers to schools, libraries, and charitable organizations. Your old computer could provide access to technology for someone in need while saving the planet from the manufacturing process of creating another computer. 

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