Secure Electronic Recycling and Disposal Services

Electronics play a huge role in our lives today. Whether you are at home or in the office, you have probably used several electronic devices without even thinking about it. While technology has brought convenience and ease to our lives, it has also created a great environmental challenge known as e-waste. 

E-waste is a term for discarded electronics that have been thrown into landfills and left to rot. Electronics contain hazardous materials that damage the environment and human health when proper disposal methods are not used. 

Electronic recycling and disposal services are easy solutions to preventing e-waste. Our qualified local providers will properly handle your devices to conserve resources, prevent pollution, and save energy. Contact us to get started on your e-recycling project today.

Electronics Disposal and Recycling Options

Electronic Recycling Finder will instantly connect you with recycling and disposal services in your area. Our comprehensive line of services will help you safely dispose of unwanted computers, cell phones, televisions, and more. Our services follow all federal privacy regulations, hazardous waste laws, and guidelines set by the EPA.  

Computer Recycling

Recycling old computers reduces toxic waste in our landfills and conserves resources that are required to produce new electronics. Our recycling services will break down your computer to separate the materials for reuse. We will refurbish working parts whenever possible to offer affordable technology opportunities.

Computer Disposal

Professional computer disposal ensures that your device will be dismantled and disposed of safely. Secure disposal reduces e-waste, protects the environment, and includes data erasure to maintain your privacy.  

TV Recycling 

TV recycling is available for many types of televisions including CRTs, LCDs, and Plasma screens. We will expertly dispose of the hazardous components and recycle all reusable materials. Repurposing raw materials saves energy by reducing the need to mine and process natural resources. 

TV Disposal

Safe disposal of old televisions prevents lead and mercury from polluting the environment. When televisions end up in landfills they are often incinerated, releasing fumes that contaminate the air. We will dispose of these harmful chemicals and other components safely. 

Laptop Recycling

Recycling old laptops makes it possible to salvage valuable materials and precious metals for reuse. Reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions when you recycle your laptop with our reliable recycling services. 

Laptop Disposal

Laptops contain toxic materials like chromium and flame retardants. When thrown into the trash, they become a serious health and environmental hazard. Discarded laptops also put you at risk for identity theft and data leaks. Protect the planet and your private information with secure laptop disposal.

Cell Phone Recycling

Cell phones are huge contributors to e-waste when nearly all phones can be reused or recycled. We will test your phones for reuse and refurbish parts when possible. All other pieces will be disassembled and sorted for recycling. 

Computer Monitor Recycling

Monitors contain dangerous components that should only be handled by professionals. Our recycling services will carefully disassemble your monitors to prevent harmful emissions and risks to human health. Metal, glass, and plastic components will be recycled. 

Computer Monitor Disposal

We dispose of all kinds of monitors including CRT, LCD, and LED screens. We use professional methods specific to the type of monitor you need disposed. Proper disposal prevents monitors from ending up in landfills and causing environmental damage. 

Safe Electronic Handling

Throwing electronics in the trash is not only irresponsible but illegal in most places. Not only does it pose serious environmental and health concerns, but it also puts your sensitive information at risk of being stolen and misused. Thieves target unwanted electronics in search of valuable information.

Our reliable recycling and disposal providers are experienced in handling electronics the right way. We will ensure your data is unrecoverable, carefully dispose of dangerous materials, and recycle as much of the materials as possible. 

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