Hard Drive Destruction Services

Computers play an integral role in business and daily life today. They hold all of our information from photos and contacts to bank details and sensitive business information. All of that data lives within the hard drive of your devices. When it comes time to replace your computer or other devices, you must ensure that your old hard drives are properly destroyed to protect your information from being recovered and falling into the wrong hands. 

The hard drive can be removed from your devices and destroyed in a number of ways. Each method is effective in protecting your information, but some methods are more secure than others. When selecting which method would be best for you, consider how sensitive your information is and which methods work best with your budget. 

Our trusted hard drive destruction providers are HIPAA and FACTA certified and follow all federal privacy laws to keep your information safe. We make sure your data is properly destroyed, eliminating the risk of exposure and misuse. 

Methods of Hard Drive Destruction

There are two main categories of destruction for clearing data from your hard drives. The first option uses software to overwrite or “wipe” your data.  The software makes it difficult to retrieve your information by writing meaningless patterns of data onto the hard drive’s sectors. It is an affordable solution but can be time-consuming and faulty. If a sector of the hard drive is damaged, the software may skip over the area leaving recoverable data behind.

The second option is through mechanical destruction. This method physically destroys your drives to eliminate the chances of anyone gaining access to your files. There are several choices within this category. 

  • Hard Drive Shredding: Your hard drive will be broken down and run through a shredder to sever the platters into fragments. The drive will be completely destroyed along with all of your private information. 
  • Hard Drive Crushing: An automatic crusher will punch holes into your hard drive causing catastrophic damage and rendering the disk unreadable. 
  • Hard Drive Degaussing: Your data will be removed by rearranging the magnetic fields that structure your hard drive. Powerful magnets scramble the patterns of magnetization making the disk usable.

While all methods can be used to protect your information, physical destruction of your hard drives is the only way to guarantee your information can not be retrieved. Our trained hard drive destruction providers can help you decide on the best method for your individual needs. We are happy to answer your questions and connect you with reliable providers in your area. 

Secure and Environmentally-Friendly Hard Drive Destruction 

Security is crucial when handling hard drives. We are committed to providing safe services that include reliable pickup, transportation, and processing of your drives. We use proven security measures and follow a strict chain of custody protocols to hold our employees responsible, ensuring the safe destruction of your data. After your service is completed, you will receive a certificate of destruction for your records. 

In addition to safety, we are dedicated to protecting the environment from the toxins connected with e-waste. Our hard drive destruction services properly dispose of hazardous materials and recycle all reusable parts of your devices and drives. We work in compliance with the EPA to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent electronics from ending up in landfills. 

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Hard drive destruction services give your business peace of mind. Our reliable destruction methods prevent thieves, hackers, and the competition from gaining access to your data. Contact us today at (844) 648-4908 or fill out the form to connect with our trusted local providers and receive free quotes on our services.