Secure Hard Drive Disposal Services

Hard drives are compact storage devices that exist inside of computers, mobile devices, and other electronics. All saved files and historical data are accessible through your hard drive. That means business documents, emails, pictures, account information, and much more are stored on your hard drive. 

Hard drives hold incredible amounts of information, making it difficult to completely erase your data. That is why it is important to completely dispose of your hard drives to protect your information from being recovered and misused. When hard drives are left intact, hackers can use public software to gain access to your data. This puts you at risk for identity theft, exposure, and exploitation. 

Hard drive disposal safely and completely destroys your information using various methods. Our trusted hard drive disposal services effectively delete your information to maintain your privacy and protect your business. 

Hard Drive Disposal Options

There are several methods to dispose of old hard drives. To decide which disposal method is best for you; consider how sensitive your data is, how many hard drives you need to destroy, and your budget. 

All of our methods follow proper disposal procedures and protect your information with legal privacy compliance. The processes look different, but the end result will be the same. Your data will be irretrievable and safe. 

Hard Drive Shredding

Shredding physical destroys your hard drive by cutting it into tiny pieces. Your entire device will be broken down and destroyed making your data impossible to recover. 

Hard Drive Crushing

Crushing pierces a hole through the heart of the hard drive to shatter the internal platters that hold your data. When the platters are destroyed, it is impossible to obtain your data from the drive. 

Hard Drive Degaussing

Degaussing uses a high-energy magnetic field to scramble your data into unreadable configurations. Although your hard drive will remain intact with this method, it effectively protects your information by making it difficult to decipher. 

A certificate of destruction will be provided with all of our hard drive disposal services. It will include important details from the destruction process and serve as proof of legally compliant electronics and data destruction.

Environmentally-Friendly Hard Drive Disposal 

Hard drives contain chemicals and toxic materials that are harmful when thrown in landfills or left to breakdown. Improper disposal of electronics causes those toxins to be released into the air and leak into our soil and water supply. This causes detrimental effects on the environment and human health. 

Hard drive disposal services ensure that your hard drives and devices will be disposed of in compliance with EPA laws and federal hazardous waste regulations. We are committed to environmentally-friendly methods that reduce harmful emissions and recycle materials as much as possible. Our reliable service providers will handle your hard drives with care to protect your information and the planet.  

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